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Magnesia occupies the east side of Thessaly, encompassing the peninsula of the same name which ends in cape Trikeri and encloses the gulf of Volos (Pagasitikos Gulf) in its embrace. Its boundaries extend to the Northern Sporades Islands (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos etc.).

Among the fairest regions in Greece, Magnesia, crowned by Pelion, probably owes its name to the Magnets tribe, who led by Magnes - son of Aiolos, god of the winds - inhabited the area in prehistoric times. Travellers, however who may find themselves taken unawares, carried away so much beauty, may find another unscientific derivation of the word more appropriate, as they find themselves "magnetised" by the place.

Much praised Pelion with its picturesque hamlets; Volos and its port, which holds out a promise to modern-day Argonauts of travels full of surprises; gorgeous beaches, some tucked into wind-free coves, some disappearing into the infinite expanse of the Aegean, are only some of the delights hidden away in this corner of Greece.

Pine trees, oaks, firs, olive trees, chestnut trees and a myriad shrubs and plants - most of them with therapeutic properties - cover the mountains of Magnesia which take up the greater portion of its surface, endowing it not only with unsurpassed loveliness, but also with health.

The area is also renowned for its healthy climate; thanks to the beneficial effect of the sea surrounding it to the south and east it is blessed with mild winters and cool summers.




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